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How it works?


Available as a white label solution with your look and feel

Bespoke option

Capable of being tailored with additional features specific to your requirements 

Easy to use

Engaging and intuitive for users, simple to administer  


Built to grow and scale your eco-system 

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The Thrive Platform

Listen, learn and respond. A secure self-service dashboard tailored to suit your community. The platform allows you to create, add, format and edit your content. Site updates are quick and effortless! Choose access permissions dependant on roles and responsibilities.

Admin and content management

A secure self service dashboard tailored to suit your organisations management and your business requirements. Add, format and edit their content on the website without having to fiddle with design and coding.

Site updates are quick and effortless Every user can have selective access permissions based on their roles, such as author, editor, contributor, administrator, etc. You can choose to allow some users to add and edit their own content while giving others universal access. This helps to maintain security since contributors can have restricted access.

Core Features

Get Connected!

Build relationships, connect your audience based on a custom algorithm

Knowledge Sharing

Promote, curate and enable knowledge distribution

Jobs and Opportunities

Make your audience aware of opportunities

Instant Messaging

Real time communication between users


Admin and content management

Analytics and Reporting

Track, analyse and report


Additional Features

Add further personalisation to your platform by adding extra features which support your mission. Extra features can be added to the spec and designed seamlessly into the platform.

Your Hub

Create your newsfeed and stay on top of things

Ratings and Rewards

Engage and interact to earn points

Feedback Surveys

Gather insights from your audience

Q&A Forum

A private forum to start conversation and drive engagement

Learn more

Department specific, generic training materials. Facility for live webinar training courses

Let's meet!

Bring your audience together and strengthen your network with events

Bespoke Admin

Unlock the data behind your people

Bespoke CMS

Manage your community through different permission levels

System Integration

A custom solution for system integration adaptability


The Thrive platform is an aerate concept

Aerate is a growth fund and a social enterprise which creates and develops concepts that connect and support people through online platforms and applications, each of which is designed for purpose and built around a strongly intuitive user experience to enhance engagement with the product. Our concepts are all interlinked and complementary, providing solutions to support people across the HR landscape including social recruitment, employee retention/corporate benefits and healthcare. 

Aerate has been approved and qualified by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade’s prestigious Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP), a programme that aims to create global companies from start-ups, using the United Kingdom as a strategic headquarters and base for international expansion.

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